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president obama. >> yesterday i was with governor kasich and congressman ryan on the clip you showed, there was a good energy there, i was with congressman ryan and governor romney in canton. we had 10,000 people in a high school ball field in canton and great energy there and i think that governor kasich is doing a great job campaigning with governor romney and i believe a good synergy, imagine what we can unleash in ohio if week get government bureaucrats out of the way. the obama camp says we helped to save the auto industry in ohio and a lot of the jobs saved in ohio are as a result of us, what do you say to that? >> again, i believe we're doing well in ohio despite the headwinds. and one of the reasons we're bucking trends, we have oil and gas, and in the marseles and the utica shale formations and governor kasich and the legislature are opening up lands for drilling which is essentially creating jobs throughout the state in some of the most depressed counties, despite regulations and despite headwinds from washington. >> clayton: right. you know, it's interesting as you look at
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2 (some duplicates have been removed)